Exterior Painting Tips to Make Your Home Look Amazing

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4 Jun Saturday

Exterior Painting Tips to Make Your Home Look Amazing

When most people decide to paint their home’s exterior, they have one of two reasons in mind: either they want to cover up the current color or they want to improve the curb appeal of their home to increase its value. Both of these are great reasons, but there are many more when it comes to your house Exterior painting – and we’re going to go over all of them with you right now. Let’s get started!

Choosing the right time of year
Exterior painting is generally done between April and October. Traditionally, painters were told to avoid painting during rainy or hot weather because paint doesn’t stick well in those conditions. This is still good advice; however, in wetter areas of North America, you might be able to paint as long as you protect surfaces with tarps or other protection. In some regions (for example southern Louisiana) exterior painting is much more common year-round. In these cases, it’s common for homeowners to hire painters who have working relationships with interior designers, letting them choose colors that work with a variety of styles and climate conditions.

Using weatherproof paints
When it comes to exterior painting, it’s best to choose paint designed for your climate. This will ensure that your home looks great and lasts a long time. Not sure what paint is best for you? Talk with an expert or check out their website. They can help you find something perfect based on your climate and lifestyle.

Location, location, location
The location of your exterior paint job is important because it can either make or break your exterior painting. If you’re painting a high-traffic area, be sure that you take all necessary precautions—for example, wearing appropriate clothing and making sure that scaffolding is stable and sturdy. Also, don’t forget about safety and cleanliness: wear gloves and a mask when you are prepping for your exterior paint job!

Timing is everything!
You may have an image in your head of how you want your home’s exterior to look—freshly painted, modern, and colorful. When it comes time to pull out your paint brush and rollers, though, you might be surprised by how much work actually goes into a home exterior makeover. Keep these tips in mind when planning for exterior painting: timing is everything!

How much paint do you need?
The amount of paint you need for your exterior project depends on what kind of surface you’re painting. A general rule of thumb is to use about a gallon for every 400 square feet, but it can vary. Calculate how much paint your house needs by using our Exterior Paint Calculator to help you estimate how many gallons and quarts of each color you’ll need based on measurements from your house. The result will show you how much paint and other supplies you need.

Doing what it takes to protect your investment
Whether you’re investing in your first house or have years of ownership under your belt, we’ve got a few expert tips for making your home exterior look great. You may be surprised at how easy it is!

Time to Paint
If you’re looking for new ways to transform your home, you might be considering exterior painting. Exterior painting is a long-term investment that can quickly improve your property and overall appearance. As a contractor, we are frequently asked what steps we take before starting a painting project. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here—but there are some things that help us paint efficiently and ensure our clients get their money’s worth. Here are our exterior painting tips for doing just that!