Construction Company Spotlight: Meet the Team

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13 May Friday

Construction Company Spotlight: Meet the Team

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of construction company? Big machines, hard hats, and heavy machinery probably spring to mind, but there’s more to construction than meets the eye! Our team at rhconstructionusa has been working hard on our latest project. We’ve broken down the process into three sections: preparation, building, and cleanup. First, we prepare the site by leveling the ground and grading the soil to allow water drainage and prevent potential flooding. Next, we build using bricks and mortar.


The Design Team

Rhconstructionusa is a top-notch construction company, but we’re not just a team of builders. We’re experienced designers who take pride in ensuring that every detail reflects our client’s vision and passion for their projects. We start by listening to clients and capturing their vision on paper before any work begins. From there, we ensure that building materials match current architectural styles, while also improving upon them. If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, give us a call today! We can discuss your ideas and help you build them into reality.


The Project Management Office

In addition to general management, Rhconstructionusa also employs a full-time project manager. This role is vital because, after all, it’s their sole responsibility to ensure that each and every client receives nothing but top-notch service.


The Sales Department

Every team has a sales department, and ours is no different. Whether you’re approaching potential partners with initial requests for information or trying to close a big deal, we have three principles to keep in mind. First, it’s never about us—it’s about our partners. Second, if you want to create opportunities for yourself in sales, recognize that human interaction is what makes deals happen. And third? It doesn’t matter how many times someone says no; don’t give up on them! This can be an especially difficult principle to abide by at first, but persistence and good sales practices are key components of any good business plan and will pay off in time.


The Marketing Department

Construction company marketing departments typically have a number of responsibilities and staffers with a variety of job descriptions. In fact, marketing your business is often done by more than one person; it’s not uncommon for small companies to hire one person whose sole job is marketing, or larger companies may have an in-house design staff and an in-house copywriter/editor/social media manager who can help develop messages and develop media releases. Rhconstructionusa employs such a team, but they still take input from all departments on individual projects to ensure that each building reflects its vision. Rhconstructionusa’s COO talks about what it takes to make sure his team is able to put out great work every time.


The Human Resources Department

What does HR do? Hiring and firing, payroll and benefits, office errands, management—the list go on. With all these roles to fill and manage, hiring a full-time human resources department member might seem like an unnecessary expense. But with your construction company continuing to grow at a pace you didn’t anticipate, handling it yourself could become quite overwhelming. If you’re looking for more bang for your buck in terms of your construction team—and maybe also some extra quality control!—consider bringing on an HR director to take over personnel management (and much more). Our sister company is one such example: Rhconstructionusa brings on new hires quickly and effectively, freeing up time that site managers can then use to focus on…well…building sites!


The Financial Department

With so many tasks to take care of, it’s easy for one group to get overlooked in a company. One set of folks that often gets lost in all the hustle and bustle is a team dedicated to finances. But what exactly does a financial department do? I put on my construction hat, grabbed my hardhat, and headed over to corporate headquarters to find out! It was my lucky day because I got to sit down with some awesome people in one of our satellite offices here in town.


The Customer Service Department
Rhconstructionusa’s customer service department is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions. By phone, chat, or email, they are here to help ensure your project is on time and within budget. With over 30 years of experience in your industry, their team has seen it all! When you want expert knowledge with no call center agents’ insight, look no further than Rhconstructionusa.


The Engineering Team
RhconstructionUSA’s construction engineers are project-oriented problem solvers who understand both industry standards and our client’s specific requirements. They have a passion for what they do and work hard to provide you with a superior product. Our architects, however, are detail-oriented perfectionists who think conceptually and holistically about your project from top to bottom.